I throw hints.

When you enter a room

I stare

But when your eyes meet mine…

I glance away

And when we walk past each other

I bump into you

Like we got beef or something

But I don’t have a problem with you…

(Well actually, I do. My problem is that you’re not catching all these got damn hints I’m throwing at you!)

When I’m near you

I lightly touch your shoulder

I lean in close to you

And I laugh at every last one of your stupid jokes

(And I must admit, they’re not always funny)

I throw hints.

I become acquainted with all of your friends

I make sure I remember their names

I ask about their well-being

(I’m even nice to the bitchy one who can’t stand me because she secretly likes you)

I throw hints.

I wear that shirt that makes me look fat

Just because it’s your favorite color

I watch all those old ass movies you like

And I pretend to enjoy them

I watch baseball with you

Which is almost the most boring sport on the planet

Right after golf

Which I also watch with you.

I throw hints.

(And speaking of sports, I thought you said you were athletic. I think you lied. Cause you sure ain’t catching all these got damn hints I’m throwing at you!)


I throw hints.

And not to toot my own horn but um…my aim is pretty good.

Maybe you need a new catcher’s mitt.

Maybe I should try throwing underhand

Maybe you should catch with both hands instead of one.

Maybe I shouldn’t throw from so far away.

Or maybe…

Maybe you don’t have your hands out at all…

Maybe you just don’t want to catch





10/18/2010 01:26

Moment only be respect for others, respect for others can. It's a truth.


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