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I want your arms around me like a cipher

Holding me tight like a boa constrictor

Squeezing my heart so that it'll pump blood

Spueezing the life out of me

(And I allow you to, willingly)

So that life force can be transferred into you

And renewed

And given back to me, refreshed

Call it emotional dialysis

This circle we make

The cipher we create

Like back in the day

Feeding off of each other

I spit my lines

You match my rhymes

Our hearts beat[box]

My revolutionary B-boy

Break dancing all over oppression

We dance toward progression

But since history repeats

We tell others to watch our feet

And we dance in circles

This circle we create

The cipher we make

Is endless

(Or should I say, Infinite)

Connected with all others

Consequently connected with each other

360 degrees

And with your arms around me

Our cipher is complete



03/04/2009 18:17

as the circle completes it begins to repeat like a broken record of beautiful melody, sereneading the world with our flow, we connect from head to toe.

love the work. it spoke volumes and i listend. i diggs it. you get the thumbs up ova here my dear. :)


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